dijous, 9 de novembre del 2017

Term tests are coming

The week of  27th November to 1st December we are having the term tests. Four days doing exams of every subject. For the students it is a very stressful week, and even more for the onesin 1st grade, it is their first time doing this type of exams.

We have already interviewed some of them:

- How are you going on in 1st?
Alex: Yes, I’m going very well.
Anna: Well… I keep going.

- Do you see any difference between work and exams of primary and high school?
Alex: Before, in primary we used to play more and now it’s more serious and hard.
Anna: There are some differences, now it’s more focused.

- Are you nervous of the term tests?
Alex: Not much, if I study I will pass.
Anna: Yes, I have a little of pressure, because if I fail my mum won’t be very happy.

These exams are usually very hard at first for students, but when you have already done it, you realize that they are not so difficult. If you are hardworking and organized, and also if you study, you are going to do it well.