dijous, 24 de maig del 2018

Manel Pinto selected for upper secondary in Aula School in Barcelona

Manel Pinto has been selected for an outstanding scholarship for upper secondary in Aula International School in Barcelona. We asked him about all this adventure. 

- What is this exam that you did  for?
It’s to entering an international bachillerato in a well-known school in Barcelona called Aula Escola Europea.

- Why did you do it?
So I can apply to the program which is giving the scholarships.

- Do you feel ready for the exam? Were you nervous?
I didn’t feel ready at all , I thought I was going to fail the exam. But I wasn’t that nervous as I thought I was going to fail it.

- Did you have to study some specific points or it was a general evaluation?
I didn’t study to it because I didn’t have any other references to as what it could be, or in what degree of difficulty.

- Are you excited about been selected?
I am really excited I was selected. I didn’t thought I could do it, but if you want something and you work hard to achieve it you will be able to get it.

- What do you expect for this special batxillerato?
I expect a different thing among all the experiences that I had already been through. I want it to be as hard as it could be so I can take the maximum experience out of it. I want to be prepared to the next big step of my life which will be going to university.

Congrats, Manel, on your new adventure!!!