dijous, 24 de maig del 2018

Interviewing Mireia

We got to talk to Mireia about the contest.

Are you proud of your work?
Yes I am, to tell you the truth is. Thanks to our tutor, Ester! We wouldn't have had the chance to participate in the fiction contest. After spending so many hours rewriting the story, we were able to get the results we wanted.

Is it easy to participate in this contest?
At the beginning, it was more difficult for us to decide what kind of story they wanted to write. Although we both had a pretty similar idea of ​​what we wanted to do, so finally coming to an agreement was easily easy.

At first, did you think you would go so far?
We were not expecting all this success, and it was a pleasure to go to this ceremony.

Would you recommend to take part on this contest?
Yes, it is a highly nice experience, in which you can let your imagination fly to create a unique story. If you do so in a group you also feel part of the story you share with your partner.

Congrats Mireia!