divendres, 29 de setembre del 2017

Welcome to ESO

On September 12, a new stage started some for students. We have been asking four students (Anna, Alex, Nandi and Arnau) what this change has seemed to them.

What was your first impression when you finally got to ESO?
Anna: It was good.
Alex: There hasn’t been any problem.
Nandi: The teachers could be worse.
Arnau: It could be worse.

Is the change of primary to secondary positive or negative?
Anna: It is positive.
Alex: It is positive, of course!
Nandi: It is positive.
Arnau: It is positive.

What our teachers seem to you?
Anna: They are good.
Alex: They are bad.
Nandi: They are nice.
Arnau: They are great.

Do you like the new seating plan in class?
Anna: Yes, I like it.
Alex: Yes, it’s great.
Nandi: Yes, I do.
Arnau: No, because we work in groups.

Was it hard for you to adapt?
Anna: No, it was easy.
Alex: No, it was very easy.
Nandi: No, it was very easy.
Arnau: A little bit.