divendres, 29 de setembre de 2017


Next Wednesday all school goes to “Santíssima Trinitat” to celebrate “St. Francesc” and also the 25 th anniversary of our sister Brenda.
We are first going to explain a little bit who St. Francesc was. He was a saint with and exemplar life. He was part of a rich family and he never had to worry about others, until one day when he was in the jail, he started thinking in the spiritual poverty of his life, he resigned to everything he had to live like a saint. From this moment on, he took care about leper people, he loved nature and animals and he founded the Catholic Order of Friars Minor, and also the Franciscan Church. Because all of that every year we celebrate a mass in St. Francesc memory.
This year is so special, because 25 years ago Brenda became a nun, and decided to follow the way of god. Brenda has been in our school for a long time and we are grateful for all the she has done for us. In the name of this special celebration we are going to take part of this mass all together. Later Brenda is going to invite us to a cup of hot chocolate!!!