divendres, 12 d’abril del 2019

Interview of the week

INTERVIEWING YOLANDA a secondary teacher...

How did you know what you wanted to do?
Since I was very young, I liked being able to help others.

Did you have a hard time getting it?
No, going as if it were a climb to a summit, he made satisfaction with every effort.

It was difficult to decide?
Yes, it was. I liked other things too

Have you ever doubted?
Yes, at some point.

Before you started working on what you really wanted, did you dedicate yourself to anything else?
Yes, I gave many private lessons, taking care of children, working for the company coca cola ...

Have you ever changed schools? For some specific reason?
Yes, several times.

How many years have you been a teacher?
Since 2005

What has marked you the most during your whole experience, (some tips from a teacher at the university or from a student, a comment from a family member ...)?

There are many small things that are marking our way. One in particular has not marked me more than the others.