dilluns, 24 de setembre del 2018

Our New Reporters

New 4th ESO students are going to write on the school blog from now on. They could have chosen another elective subject, but they decided our Blog!. We hope this year our students will give you some good news to keep you updated every week. 

Here are some questions we made to our teacher:
Why have you chosen being the teacher of this subject? Who had the idea?
Because Natalia and Monica, who are the director and the ESO coordinator respectively, told me to be the teacher because I used to make a blog in my old school in Barcelona.
Why have you chosen that elective subject instead of other subjects?
Teachers don’t usually decide which subjects they have to teach, they are told what to do.
Why have you started to make that subject?
Because I think that making activities with computers is better than doing regular class because it’s more entertaining and interesting for students to learn.
Do you think this year the idea will go better or worse?
I think this year will go better because the new writers know more about the blog.
Why have you chosen this subject to be in English?
Because I think for students it’s a better and different way to learn English.

The new writers are students of 4t ESO, whose names and ages are:

Fabiana Algarañaz 15
Edwin Almendras 16
Adell Corachan 16
Oriol Fernandez 16
Maricielo Huaricancha 15
Oscar Lajarín 15
Pau Mañas 15
Carlota Manyé 15
Sebastián Martínez 16
Pau Romeu 15
Oriol Vilella 15
All in all, we hope that our new blog writers will provide you with good news.