divendres, 28 de setembre del 2018

Maths Experiment!

Last week, the 4t ESO students, started a unit called Geometry. While they were doing that unit, Monica, the teacher of maths, made us an experiment very particular. That experiment consists to know how the area of the sphere was calculated. Then monica started to explain us that the area of the sphere was:

That area is 4 times  PI number  the radio at square. That formula is the radio of the circle plus 4 times of the experiment that consisted to cut an orange and then cut the skin of the orange and cover all the 4 circles we have made in a piece of paper with the skin. The four circles are made out of the orange.

Now, the students made some questions to our maths teacher, Monica:

-Have you invented that experiment or a other person explained you?
When I went in a maths training session for teachers, a doctor in Mathematics did that experiment and from that moment I remember it and I usually use it as class practice.

-Why you decided to do it?
Because students didn’t know how the area of the sphere was 4 times so we made that experiment and students finally knew how the sphere was 4 times.

-Will you share this practice to the future students of 4t ESO?
Sure, but we need to have a student that has the iniciative of making that experiment and if someone has it, we’ll do it.

-Do you think the students enjoyed it?
Yes, it’s ok seeing something different of the regular class and making shapes and stuff like that.

-Do you think you will make more practises?
In previous years, for example when it came to "Pithagoras" we needed to explain how pitagoras is like that and if they didn’t understand it, we would tell them graphicaly how the pitagoras is made.