divendres, 27 d’abril del 2018

Jocs Florals ESO 2018

On Monday Jocs Floral were held at our school celebrating Saint George's Day In the morning all the students of ESO went down to the theatre and the winners of the writing contests were announced. There were two prizes for each class, one for the best story in Catalan and another in Spanish and in English. This year videolits ​​or a booktrailers were included too.
The winners  were the following:

1st ESO Jan Froilan, Guillem Vallet   .
2nd ESO Pilar Pinto, Franciely Jare and Mar Alberich.
Carla Guerrero and Nerea Garcia in Videolit.
3rd ESO Sara Hammouch, Maria López.
4th ESO Martí Santiago, Ivette Martínez and Abril Salanova.