divendres, 23 de febrer del 2018


It is computer code that consists of developing mental abilities by playing games without needing to know how to use it.
The students of 1st and 2nd year are in charge of this project in the technology subject. We asked them some questions to see what they think about it.

Do you like this new way of learning? Yes we like it. We think is an easy and funny way to learn. It has been a cool idea!
Does it affect to the final grade? How much? Yes of course, everything we do at class affects.
Do you prefer a regular class or this kind of class? We prefer this class, it's much more entertaining. Is it individual or teamwork? It's teamwork. Two students can do more than only one, and, that way, we learn how to coordinate with one another.
Then, we asked their teacher: How did you get the idea? Last year all the teachers did a course to learn how to teach students differently and they proposed different ideas. One of them was this one, so we thought it was the best one.
Do you think it is working well? At the moment it does really well.
What do you want to get from this work? What do you expect from your students? I want them to work in teams and to enjoy this experience. It looks like this work has been very successful!

The teachers are very happy with the results of their students and the students are enjoying it too.