dilluns, 15 de gener del 2018


After Christmas, the groups that went to Andidown last term change to other groups. They will be in charge of helping people with problems. We asked two boys of 3th of ESO that have to go this term:

- What do you do at Andidown?

We play basketball with them, we help them to do it better.

- What time does it start? And ends? Where do you go for the activity?

It starts at six o’clock and it ends at half past seven. The activities are at the playground.

- Do you like it?

Yes, we love it!! We are very happy to go every Tuesday, we all have a very good time.

- What is your best experience there?

One day we prepared the class and we were like the teachers! All the class payed attention to our explanations, it was the best class.

-If you could go another term, would you go?

Yes, of course, if we could, we would go all year.

-Okey, that’s all, thank you guys.

You’re welcome, bye!