dilluns, 13 de novembre del 2017


This year we are organizing a “picaterra” tournament. That’s a new thing proposed to all our students because they really like this sport.

We have asked some students about sports:

-Are you going to participate in the “picaterra”tournament? What do you think about this activity?

Alex: Sure! This activity motivates children to practice sports.

Anna: Yes! If we participate in pairs it helps us with team work, and to organize ourselves in a team.

-Are you good at sports? Do you play any sports ? Which one?

Alex: Yes, sports are one of my hobbies. Now I play basketball in a team, but I have done karate and taekwondo as well.

Anna: Yes, I do squash but I also love basketball.

-Do you think this school gives enough importance to sports?

Alex: Yes, I think so. We have enough space to practice different sports, a lot of material…

Anna: Yes, because we do many activities involved with sports, like the tournament.

- Which is your favorite sport player? Why?

Alex: My favorite basketball player is Stephen Curry, he’s the best shooter in the NBA history and I love how he plays.

Anna: My favorite basketball player it’s LeBrond James, I like the way that he plays and his style.

It’s important to play some sport for our health. It’s really cool that schools promote this activities to rise awareness about the importance of having the habit of playing sports.