dilluns, 9 d’octubre del 2017

On Excursion for Sant Francesc

On next Wednesday, October 11 , we are going on an excursion to the woods.
The babies in P3,P4 and P5 are going to “Els rucs del corredor” in “Canyamars”, but they are going the next week.
The students of primary 1-4 are going to “La ruta del pantà de Santa Fe” that is in “Montseny”. They are going by coach, they are meeting there an instructor that will explain the children the way to go.
The upper classes in primary are going to “La ruta de la Fageda”in “Montseny”too, also by coach. So students can enjoy one day among plants, animals and nature…
ESO are going to “La font de la Budallera” in “Collserola”. They are going by train (Els Catalans), because it is a public transport and it is not that polluting.
Our school does this annual excursion to celebrate the day of “Sant Francesc”, because he was a role model. He loved taking care of plants and animals. So, we spend this day in the nature as Saint Francesc did.