dijous, 21 de setembre del 2017

New ESO Teachers!


This year we have two new teachers called ''Yolanda'' and ''Elisenda''. They've come to our school to work in ESO and in our kindergarden.
We interviewed them to know more about ther lives.

1. Do you like working at our school ? Why ?

Eli: Yes, I do because it's a small school so you get to know everyone quickly.
Yolanda: It’s small school,there is a good atmosphere and everyone knows each other.

2. What was your first impression about our school, people...?

Eli: What I said before, it is a nice school.
Yolanda: The same as the first question.

3. Do you get on well with your colleagues ?

Eli: Yeah, and they are very welcoming.
Yolanda: Yeah, they are really good people, we help each other and it´s nice.

4. If you have worked in a school before. Is there any diferences between the other school students and these students ? Which ones ?

Eli: It's more or less the same. They are all teenagers but all just good students.
Yolanda: No, more or less as people your age.

5.What subjects do you teach ?
Eli: I teach English in ESO and P3, P4, P5; Let's blog 4rt ESO; Catalan in ESO and tutor to 2n of ESO.
Yolanda: Maths in ESO 2n 3r 4rt, Tecnology 3r.
Now you know more about our new teachers, what do you think about them ?